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  • How soon in advance should I reserve my call?
    We always prefer to have at least 24 hours notice before your call, especially if you require 100 lines or more. We can handle emergency calls of less than 100 lines without any prior notice. Our automated service lets you set up a call at any time without a reservation.

  • What if I need to cancel?
    You can cancel your call up until the time it was originally scheduled to start, without paying a cancellation fee.

  • How are my reservations confirmed?
    If you are speaking to a Quickconnect reservationist your confirmation will be e-mailed within 15 minutes of completing your reservation. We can also notify you by fax. Online reservations are confirmed via email.

  • How do I know who attended my call?
    Quickconnect will be happy to provide you with a participant list for your Operator-Assisted and Event calls should you request it in advance.

  • How do I contact an operator in the middle of a call?
    You can speak to an operator at any time by dialing *0 for assistance. The operator must take you out of the conference in order to speak to you. Your conversation will be completely private.

  • Can I archive a call for those participants who are unable to listen to the live call?
    Yes. Quickconnect will digitally record your conference and make it available for playback for a nominal fee. You can receive the recording on CD or via FTP. Transcripts can be provided via hard copy or email, in either MS Word or Rich Text Format. We can also edit material from your archived call. Please be sure to tell the reservationist if you would like to take advantage of these options when you make your reservation.

  • How secure is my call?
    With Quickconnect, you have the ability to make your conference calls as secure as you want. At your discretion we can give you a pin code to distribute to your participants, or you can send us a list of approved participants who may take part in your call. You can also take advantage of our moderator security service, which allows the call moderator to open or close access to the conference with their touch-tone phone.

  • I need to make an emergency call and I don't have a reservation. Can I get one right away?
    Yes. In most cases, we can put you through immediately, although larger calls may require a few minutes. If you make a lot of calls on short notice, you may want to look into our automated service. We will set you up with a dedicated number and passcode for your exclusive use. Our automated service is also ideal for crisis management.
  • On a dial out conference can the parties be called in a specific order?
    Yes, we can call them in any order that will best suit your conference.

  • I have a conference call the same time every week. Do I need to make a reservation every single time?
    No. If you have a recurring call, let your reservation specialist know that you would like to make a "standing reservation." You will not need to contact the reservation specialist again unless the time changes or you're canceling a call. Our automated service gives you the opportunity to conduct a call any time, anywhere without a reservation.

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