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To The Cloud...

Quickconnect is constantly embracing newer emerging technologies. As a full service telecommunications management firm, we strive to provide our clients with solutions that are tailored to their particular business model. With our broad array of carrier partners we can offer a suite of fully-managed enterprise grade business software and infrastructure applications hosted in the cloud designed specifically to our client's needs. Industry research indicates that SaaS and IaaS is growing at an exponential rate globally.

We at Quickconnect look to help improve our client's economics through the use of many applications, including email, with a cloud based approach that will be transparent to all users.

  • Our cloud-based services target the growing opportunity for Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Both SaaS and IaaS allow companies to move software, applications, storage and server hardware that support critical business operations off-site, which can improve the availability, security and compliance of their data and applications while reducing their total cost of ownership. In addition, SaaS and IaaS allow customers to focus their efforts on their own mission-critical business needs instead of dealing with software and/hardware upgrades and maintenance.

  • Through our partner relationships we expanded our portfolio of cloud offerings to include individual and bundled packages of subscription-based software and infrastructure services. Businesses will be able to access not only the most popular productivity software, including hosted versions of Microsoft Exchange®, Microsoft Office®, Microsoft SharePoint®, and other Microsoft products over the internet, but also hundreds of other business applications.

  • Our cloud-based offerings include a full suite of back-up tools for desktop and server data, enabling a complete solution for disaster avoidance and rapid recovery. Both virtualized and dedicated server solutions are available, which are capable of supporting most business applications. These can be delivered in either a traditional client/server configuration or a virtualized environment. Virtualized solutions offer unique advantages to clients in a broad range of business verticals, including those in healthcare and financial services, ensuring that these companies meet their strict security/compliance and administrative requirements. (ie. HIPAA, PCI etc.)

  • With so many successful deployments of Hosted IP, Quickconnect has seen firsthand how the adoption of cloud-based services can drastically change the landscape for many organizations. Our expertise will allow us take the solution one step further for our clients to the desktop software application and server markets.

  • Our requirement is that all our partners guarantee a highly secure environment for all hosted applications in SAS 70

  • Type II-certified data centers. This is an auditing standard that demonstrates compliance with the highest level of controls and safeguards for service providers that host or process data belonging to their clients. SAS 70 Type II certification was put in place to provide clients with redundancy and resiliency along with 99.99% uptime service level agreements (SLAs) for all services.

Key Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • Run new and existing applications in the cloud with no engineering effort
  • Protect critical systems and data from third parties in multi-tenant environments
  • Maintain control of applications and systems regardless of underlying provider differences
  • Avoid future "lock-in" by virtualization platform or cloud provider

Cloud Migration

Cloud has many different meanings to both carriers and clients alike. We help make light of all carriers products, terminology and solutions. Migrating your mission critical applications and information to the cloud is not a simple task and with the wrong partner can be detrimental to the network. More often than not businesses learn the hard way that there are many stages to a successful cloud migration. Developing and implementing a comprehensive, cohesive and efficient strategy plan is critical to the overall success of the migration.

Moving to the cloud is something that most companies and technology teams spend years developing the right strategy. When working with QC you acquire an experienced partner that has completed many cloud migrations. Let QC help guide you through the process of planning an implementation into a cloud-based solution. Areas of impact will be a reduction in paperwork, lower transaction costs, an improvement into remote accessibility and investing in less hardware.

Virtualization, Keeping You Connected

Business Continuity
As we all have learned, communications disruptions are a fact of life. Cable cuts, natural disasters, and vendor errors can all leave us without access to the vital information we need to for survivability. How a business responds to their clients during these times is what sets them apart from their competitors. The ability to withstand a failure, regardless of the services is detrimental to our client's infrastructure. Whether it's an internet, voice, or private network outage, it's a unique experience for each and every one of them. Let QC provide you with a free continuity analysis to assess disaster recovery alternatives for both hardware and network services. From there we will help develop a strategy allowing you to utilize current available technologies that will keep your business up and running. We can then assist your team in overseeing the implementation.

Is a virtualized environment right for you? Will virtualizing your environment save your business time and money? At QC we lay out a plan and advise you the client if this is a good fit for your organization. Virtualization is becoming more main stream and is being proven as a viable technology to drive down costs and create efficiencies for businesses. With all the carriers jumping on the bandwagon, understanding which carrier or data VAR is right for your business has become increasingly difficult as the technologies improve. We can help with a free assessment of your LAN / WAN environment.

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