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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Hosted IP are more than just buzz words, they are technologies that are revolutionizing the way businesses think about and utilize their voice services. With a variety of feature rich service options, your business can have all the bells and whistles of a traditional enterprise class hardware phone system without the huge capital costs.

VoIP and Hosted IP technologies are scalable, easily fit every office environment, and can be implemented on a wide range of network infrastructures. With VoIP, your business is free from costly per-minute long distance costs, and will pay only initial equipment and nominal managed service charges.

Quickconnect can help provide a true end to end VoIP Solution including local, long distance and international calling.

Implementing a Hosted IP Solution is a way to significantly reduce your capital cost when purchasing a new phone system. A Hosted IP PBX Solution has all the features of a "traditional" PBX phone system, but more cost effective. A traditional PBX is usually a major capital expense for an organization, costing thousands and thousands of dollars, whereas a hosted IP solution usually costs a company less than what you are paying for just your local service. There is no longer a need to invest in PBX equipment and high cost maintenance contracts.

Our Hosted IP Solution is designed for the medium to large size business offices, to provide quick and easy call routing, and provide your business a more professional appearance to callers. Your business can obtain a level of phone service usually only available to larger companies with expensive PBX equipment.

A Business with multiple locations will benefit from cross-location VoIP VPN capabilities. These are a single corporate directory, extension dialing, and an enhanced feature set, which all work across multiple locations.

Using a properly configured Hosted IP Solution PBX auto attendant, calls can be quickly and easily routed to the correct destination. Your Hosted IP PBX virtual attendant is a powerful, automated call routing solution that allows businesses to connect wired, mobile, home phones and other Virtual Office extensions, regardless of geographic location, under a single primary phone number.

We can offer your business the same features of extremely expensive PBX systems for a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Hosted IP:

  • 100% Scalable to meet your organizations growth requirements
  • Lower capital expenditure and overall TCO
  • Eliminate ALL intra-office long distance costs
  • Access to hundreds of VoIP features and functions
  • Calendar and Email synchronization
  • Most importantly, it allows IT staff to focus on core business objectives

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