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Connecting you Securely

Enterprise IT managers are discovering the benefits of managed network services. It helps improve the ability to control equipment costs and network management costs. It enhances support for business applications, and it's fast and easy to deploy to new sites.

Here are some of the managed services that our carrier partners can provide to your organization:

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

Carrier grade managed VPN services that can act as a solid starting point to deploy many value-added services, while helping an enterprise to converge existing disparate networks onto a consolidated, end-to-end infrastructure that can support combined data, voice, and video services. The inherent any-to-any connectivity of MPLS-based VPNs also lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a service provider. These savings can be passed along to enterprises, along with other inherent benefits, including simplified deployments of quality of service (QoS), security, high availability, multicasting, and other critical abilities.

Benefits of MPLS:

  • Secure your data using private IP networking rather than the open "public" network of the Internet
  • Use classes of service (CoS/QoS) and priority queuing so your network knows which traffic is most important and ensures that it takes priority over other traffic
  • Further converge your networks by adding Voice over IP and video
  • Built-in disaster recovery and network survivability with an MPLS "fully meshed" topology
  • Simplify network management by supporting just one network and one protocol
  • Increase bandwidth while lowering costs
  • Reduce the long distance costs associated with dial-up when transferring data between locations
  • Scalable network allows you to add applications
  • Connect all your sites on one network allowing for real time data between locations
  • Reduce labor costs by minimizing management of multiple connections at the corporate office
  • Reduce total telecom costs by as much as 70% by combining voice, data, and video on one network
  • Most importantly, it allows IT staff to focus on core business objectives

Datacenter Colocation

Colocating your services in a World Class Datacenter will help you to safeguard mission-critical data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability. The datacenters are built with redundancy, protected access to power and uptime in mind. Housing your services in a datacenter will allow you to gain access to a vital ecosystem where major networks, enterprises and business partners interconnect to each other. QC has access to over 50+ World Class Datacenters. The redundant power, fiber and cooling that are available to our partners facilities provides the resiliency an organization needs to thrive through disastrous times.

Global enterprises, financial institutions, the largest networks and the Internet's foremost content companies trust our Colocation partners with what matters most to them.

Benefits of colocation:

  • Industry-leading global uptime average of 99.999%
  • Access to proven expertise in configuring and supporting high-power density deployments.
  • Access to data center space across 40+ markets in 20 countries on 5 continents
  • Within reach of more than 1000+ networks available to you for interconnection and traffic exchange via direct cross connects, peering, and Ethernet services

Making the decision to migrate an existing corporate network to carrier provided managed services requires an understanding of the different technologies and protocols and how they mesh. Let our experienced staff of engineers, help design and provide a true end to end VoIP, Internet and Private Data Network for you.

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