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Current State of Telecom and Web Conference Technologies & Its Best Practices

The changes within our work environments that came in March were some of the most dramatic shifts in the teleconferencing and telecom industry that we have ever seen. Quickconnect, has a large number of business customers in the New York City, Newark and Jersey City area and it was astounding to see how quickly different digital communication platforms kicked in, as employees were urged to work from their homes.

Due to the population density of the greater New York City region, and lack of personal transportation the virus spread rather quickly throughout the area.  Everyone was urged to stay home, and those who had to work from home suddenly found themselves experimenting with all sorts of new conference platforms.  The main hardware continues to be either smartphone or a personal computer to stay in touch with their offices, but this time not going through any firewalls or other important safety layers.  Now that you are working from home we wanted to share some things to consider so that you can take full advantage of telecom features available.  Not all conferencing and telecom platforms are alike!  Here are the key things you should consider.

Make Sure Conference is Firewall Friendly

If you are working for a large company or the healthcare sector, high level security is a must.  Sometimes you may be working in a very secure and sensitive environment and not all web conference and telecom packages are compatible with firewall software.  If you are unable to communicate and need help selecting the right package, contact us and we will help you.  We provide many versatile solutions in the New York, New Jersey area and can help you find the right option.

Sharing Your Application Screens Through Web Conference

If you are in need of doing visual presentation, showing data, graphs or other visual information, make sure your web conference package is capable of seamlessly streaming this information.  Again, reach out if you need help with this.  Our company Quickconnect has two decades of experience in this area!

Downloadable Conference Options

One of the best features for sophisticated discussions is the ability to watch and listen your previous conference so that you can refresh your memory on what was covered.  Some points may be very complicated and/or confusing or simply overlooked so give it a second listen and make sure you didn’t miss out on anything.

Healthcare Conference Calls and Online Meetings

Be aware that in the healthcare industry there are many laws to protect patients.  Be very cautious of what telecom and conference platforms you decide to use.  Some are not safe or simply aren’t compliant.  Contact us if you need help with healthcare conference options and we can help you out.

Look for Telecom and Conference Platform that is Moderated

Sometimes meetings can spin out of control if there is no moderator and you may miss important points, not cover important points, or waste lots of time talking about issues that are not relevant to the meeting.  Larger groups can be a bit disruptive and eat up your time.  Moderated conferences are very organized and can help you save lots of time.

Computer Safety and IT Support

It goes without saying that you should have some sort of security layer on your phone and personal computer.  Data leaks are all too common these days so make sure your teams hardware is fully secure.  If you need help with this Quickconnect IT Services can help and make sure your employees communication platform is secured.

Benefits of a Partnership Setup

We realize that there are many free conference and telecom platforms, and you already know that “you get what you pay for”.  So be cautious when getting something that seems too good of a deal.  Read the fine print and make sure it can cover your needs.  At Quickconnect we are happy to discuss different conference options, zero hassle and just give you some pointers on things you should be looking for.

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