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Cloud Computing Services and What’s Next

The Next Set of Cloud Computing Trends

It’s remarkable to see how much cloud computing has grown the past two years as white collar global labor force moved many of its operations out of business office complexes and into home offices.  Even though the outcome of the pandemic is still unknown, labor seems to have the upperhand on one of its biggest demands, that of working from home, which seems to be a win for both the employees and the employers.  In 2022 we will continue to see a strong degree of growth within the industries that power home office work and here are some key trends we expect to see gaining even more momentum as we slide into the next year.

Serverless Cloud Growth and Adoption

This is a new concept in cloud computing but one that has been gaining a lot of momentum.  Serverless cloud infrastructure is a model where companies no longer have to pay for a packaged set of hardware and software services.  This new model is more of a pay-as-you-go service where the back-end systems will scale up to your needs if and when you need it.  This also offers an automated scalable structure that will adjust to accommodate the users without ever having them get involved in administering any technical changes.

Boost of A.I. In Cloud Computing

Whether you like it or not, A.I. is here and it’s trying its darn hardest to make your life easier.  Whether you are graffiti writing on your mobile device, searching for help in creating your next Excel macro, or just taking a breather while looking at vacation pics, all of this is interwoven with A.I.  We don’t expect any quantum leaps in how A.I. integrates with your work but we are seeing a major increase in the overall strength of this software.  A.I. will continue to get better at predicting many of your behaviors by continuing to monitor what you are looking for, what you do, where you spend more of your time and so on.  Expect to see more help with simple things such as grammar restructuring as you write your next email to help, or helping you with calculation based problems within your spreadsheets.  In 2022 we should start seeing much stronger voice to text software services as well.

Let’s Talk Trees

Fine, let me rephrase that and say “let’s talk about power consumption and climate change”.  As computer power increases so does its need for more bandwidth and energy.  Majority of the hardware that is in use during our present times is more or less running 24/7 and the costs of all of that energy has to be passed down to the business customers who are serviced by these cloud platforms.  There are numerous innovations coming out that can offer reduced power consuming cloud services, can be in sleep mode and on-call the moment someone needs to use them.  This translates to savings in energy and hardware usage which should offer some savings to the consumer.  Power consumption amongst all the servers, their backups, and all the air conditioning that needs to keep the infrastructure cool is quite expensive.  Fortunately for us this is slowly changing.

SaaS Growth

Saas: Software as a Service is a protocol of delivering complex applications over the internet and onto the end-users desktop device.  Instead of installing and maintaining an application on a users computer, everything is fed and controlled through the internet, often through the use of a browser.  We anticipate seeing more and more complex and powerful applications slowly offloading many of their features and repackaging them as SaaS.  One of the great benefits of running Saas is that it’s easy to fix and deploy issues since everything is standardized as users are often using a browser point to run the applications.

If getting your team onto a safe and effective cloud environment is too overwhelming to handle then reach out and let us know how we can be of help!  We offer managed cloud solutions, and managed IT solutions that can help and create a great at-home working ecosystem for your team.

Cloud Computing Services by QuickConnect (QC)

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