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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting The Right Unified Communications Partner For Your Company

If you’re a business owner then this guide will help you better understand what exactly Unified Communications services are, and what to look for when shopping around for this service.

Why Selecting the Right UC Partner is Important

Many organizations are not aware of the importance of selecting the right UC (unified communications) partner. They often select a vendor based on price or a solution that is available at the moment, but don’t really understand what comes in **the package**. This decision can have long-term implications for their business that ultimately may affect their productivity and profitability. Having the right Unified Communications platform not only allows you to streamline multiple communication processes, but it also helps you better store, access and retrieve your previous conversations with your existing or new clients so that you always have a record what’s been talked about and what you need to talk about or do next.

This article will provide insights on how to select an appropriate UC partner for your organization and what to look out for when choosing one.

Qualities of a Good Unified Communications Partner

Internal and External Communication is the key to any successful organization. Unified Communications offers a range of benefits that can help you get more done, faster and better both internally (departments talking to one another) or externally (your employees talking to clients or outside vendors). It becomes very important that you partner with a UC provider who understands your internal business processes, sales systems as well as where your organization is heading. This allows them to formulate the right solution set to your needs.

When choosing a unified communications partner, you need to ensure they are aligned with your company’s business goals so make sure you spend the time discussing where you project your business will be in the near future (within the next 12 months) and distant future (2+ years down the road). For example, if you’re looking for a partner to help your HR team communicate more effectively with employees, a call center integration may be the right choice. If on the other hand you’re interested in turning your office into a contact center, an inbound or outbound telephony integration may be the most optimal solution.

There are many Unified communications (UC) solutions designed to simplify the way people work and communicate, but they will vary from business model to another business model so be sure that your UC package is customized exactly to your needs. By combining the best of unified messaging, video conferencing, customer engagement, and personal productivity tools in a single system, businesses can increase their efficiency.

Other things to look for in a UC Partner

Make sure that your UC partner understands your needs, as well as your budget and can tailor a package for these things. Plus, try to get a sense of how much service do they actually provide, should you need it. Do they just provide the systems package only or do they also offer support services? What type of support do they offer? Is it just technical or do they provide training as well? What’s their availability? Do they offer 24/7 support or only during business hours?

Next, you need to make sure that their UC solutions are scalable. Do you need an expensive service that offers all types of features all at once or one that is less expensive with fewer features but can be easily upgraded down the road? You also need to consider how long your project will take to implement. Your UC partner is one whose answers and solutions should satisfy all of your questions.

Need Help with Unified Communications?

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