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What Exactly is Unified Communications and Why Should I Care?

People communicate and collaborate through many different platforms such as business phone calls, mobile calling, mobile texting, video conferencing, web conferencing, screen sharing, texting and so on. In other words you are dealing with numerous different communication devices and platforms that can be messy. With Unified Communications (UC) there is a way to integrate all of these platforms, bringing your teams communications faster and more efficiently. Unified Communications is a “collective” term to essentially group everything together in order to provide your team with a more fluid communications platform.

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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. At QuickConnect, we bring you cutting-edge unified communication services that streamline and elevate your interactions. Whether you’re based in the bustling streets of New York City or the dynamic communities of New Jersey, our services provide a seamless bridge across distances, enabling you to connect, collaborate, and innovate with unprecedented ease.

Our unified communication solutions transcend traditional barriers, offering a comprehensive suite of tools that encompass voice, video, messaging, and conferencing. Imagine effortlessly switching between platforms, ensuring that your team remains connected regardless of location or device. With the ever-increasing demands of modern business, our services become invaluable in enhancing productivity and fostering a cohesive work environment. We understand that the NYC and New Jersey areas are hubs of innovation, and our unified communication services are designed to align perfectly with the dynamic nature of these regions, empowering businesses to stay competitive and adaptable in the face of constant change. 

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Optimize with Cloud Based UC Platforms

Cloud based UC platforms (unified communication) reduce your need on bulky hardware and allow you to manage calls, meetings, and conferences all through a slick and intuitive software set. Contact us to learn more about UC platforms.

With Unified Communications You Will:

Get trackable analytics so that you have an idea of what your call performance figures look like and become more effective in running business.

You will be setup with the right mobile software to make sure your communication platforms are available when need be.

Easily route different calls to different people so that your team is available to handle any business, logistics or any other needs.

We invite you to read our post titled “The Ultimate Guide to Selecting The Right Unified Communications Partner For Your Company” if you’d like to learn more about selecting the best UC partner your company can get.

Feel free to e-mail us at support@quickconnected.com to discuss our Unified Communication options or any of our technology solutions. You may also call our client service line at 866-640-5038.