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QUICKCONNECT for Cloud Services

Take advantage of enterprise class networking infrastructure and eliminate on-site servers plus everything that they require with QuickConnect cloud services with our cloud computing solutions. Cloud computing gives you high business flexibility and allows your team to contribute from just about anywhere where internet access is available. Cloud computing is not only email and calendar apps. Just about any software can be located onto a cloud hosting environment and securely used by your team with an internet connection.

Cloud Computing Makes Sense…

Many of our clients are located in the greater metropolitan area of New York City, Newark, Jersey City, Philadelphia and Stamford where office space is tight and at a premium. Cloud computing allows them to get away from having big, hot and loud server rooms, as well as additional staff to supervise it all. With Cloud Computing you will get:

  • Highly flexible and scalable software environments that meet your business needs.
  • Reduction in needed office space and office support staff
  • Disaster Recovery backup plans for the inevitable
  • Secure data and application locations to work on projects from anywhere.
  • Mobility and Telecommuting to make your teams jobs that much easier.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and an alert team to make sure that everything is performing in accordance to its specs.
  • Highly scalable cloud storage

Contact Quickconnect and learn more about our cloud computing services for your NYC, Jersey City, Newark, Philadelphia and Stamford company. Are you further out? Get in touch as we probably have a solution for you too!

Latest Industry News and Trends…

Operational Agility – react fast to deployment, security and more.

Cost Control – Eliminate the costs involved in buying servers and data rack space when utilizing cloud services.

Reliability + Speed – Cloud Services makes backups, and disaster recovery cheaper and quicker as this architecture is meant for easy mirroring.