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Bring Teams Together with High Quality Video Conferencing Options

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the next best thing to being at your designated location.  Let’s face it New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas are densely populated regions where face to face meetings can be a royal pain for those of us who have to do the travel.  The solution is simple and that is video conferencing.  Video communication between multiple parties can be achieved through numerous collaborative software platforms that can work with your existing video hardware that’s probably already part of your monitor or mobile device!

video conferencing is best for:

Conduct a meeting with numerous essential members.  You will have the ability to record your meeting and play it back if need be.  Its been proven many times that a face to face conversation is very effective and more memorable, even if its conducted with online video equipment.

Video conferencing minimizes distraction by giving you a focused face to face interaction.  Eye to eye communication increases attention, collaboration, efficiency, and peer relationships when conferencing introduces a video aspect into the mix.  It works and we can show you how!

It goes without saying that the amount of time and money you save on travel can be daunting.  We offer numerous video conference solutions that can eliminate this unnecessary travel.  Plus, you can record your video conferences, should you miss an important detail!

Ways to Improve Video Conferencing Efficacy

Here are the most popular (and productive) ways our clients take advantage of video conferencing:

  • General Status Update Meetings
  • Team / Project Kick-ff
  • Employee Training and Learning Sessions
  • Sales Meetings
  • Concept Brainstorming
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