conference room setup

We can design and build your state of the art boardroom for
all your conference and presentation needs.

Conference Room Setup by QUICKCONNECT

Quickconnect is a full service technologies provider who can also help you with a conference room setup.  Our engineers can create the perfect audio and video communications package for just about any boardroom.  From camera integration for video conferencing to optimal mic layout and design, we can help you create a professional level conference room for that perfect presentation.  Everything our team does is made to look seamless and highly advanced.  From in-wall speakers to cameras, projectors, and more, we will select the perfect technology package for your state of the art conference room.  Here are some of the hottest technologies to enhance your conference room functionality. 

Digital Whiteboards

Avoid shuffling papers with a digital whiteboard.  Write and draw anything you need on a digital whiteboard and quickly transfer your ideas anywhere in the world.  Save your whiteboard presentation for future reference and use this technology to collaborate with teams all over the world.  

Conference Room Scheduling Systems

Easily manage your board room meetings without having to leave your desk.  Software solutions are available to reserve your conference rooms so that there is never a conflict between different teams.

Boardroom Displays

Some of the most elegant New York City, Jersey City boardrooms have powerful and sleek displays as their centerpiece.  Take advantage of multi panel displays and other slick interface hardware to conduct your future conference.  Our team can wire, install and configure just about any hardware and software in your future boardroom and/or conference room.  

It all starts with a quick call to find out what you’d like to have in your conference room.  Our engineers will evaluate your needs and help to plan out the perfect technology solution set.  Please e-mail us at to discuss any of our technology solutions. You may also call our client service line at 866-640-5038. 

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