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Voice and Data Structured Cabling

We have been handling structured cabling setup in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area for decades.  Our key expertise lies in voice and data networking (cabling) for just about any size business.  We bring extensive expertise in CAT5 wiring, CAT6 wiring, coaxial wiring, fiber optic wiring and much more.    

Today many company networks are becoming inadequate, slowing down the speed of business, and we can help to quickly get you out of that antiquated spot. Our team of network designers and installation engineers can help with everything you will need to get your facilities up and running.  This includes network design, cable wire installation for voice and data and when all of this is done you also will get an impeccable customer support team for those rare and unlikely events when you need help.

Although we are local to New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, Stamford areas, we can handle your needs if you are further outside of the greater metropolitan New York City zone.   

Work with a data wiring company that helps you future proof your business!

Let's Talk Cell Phone Repeaters

How many times have you picked up your cell phone at an office location only to tell your important caller “hang on, let me get to a spot where I can hear you better!”.  Its all too common for a signal to be either distorted or severely thinned out as it has to go through numerous structural layers of the building walls and probably compete with numerous other signals.  

The solutions is sweet and simple; cell phone repeaters.  A properly located wired-in repeater grabs an outside antennas incoming signal and carries the signal into your building(s).  This technology has been around for many years and functions very well with all the main New York, New Jersey, Connecticut mobile providers including Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless and other companies. 

Please e-mail us at support@quickconnected.com to discuss any of our technology solutions. You may also call our client service line at 866-640-5038. 

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