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    Year after Year, QuickConnect is Considered Top Support and Solutions Provider in New York, New Jersey Area.

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    With almost 20 years in business we continue to offer the best in technology & communication services.  

    ABOUT QUICKCONNECT, Your Communications & Technologies Partner

    Quickconnect is a full service telecommunications and technology firm located and servicing the tri-state area (New York City, Jersey City, Philly and Stamford) which also services business clients globally. We provide all-encompassing technology solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations, which include: Audio, Web and Video Conferencing, Local and Long Distance Voice Communications, PBX and Hosted VoIP Systems, Managed Services that include MPLS, Colocation and Cloud Based Services, as well as High Capacity Internet Services.  We offer all of this along with a broad array of individualized Professional Services and IT Support.

    We are committed to providing the highest level of quality services in the fast- paced corporate environment. At Quickconnect we utilize cutting edge technology to meet the demands of today’s highly competitive markets. We have built a solid reputation on being able to conform to our clients’ needs quickly. We understand that time is money, and for this reason our services focus on urgent real-time needs.

    Please e-mail us at support@quickconnected.com to discuss any of our technology solutions. You may also call our client service line at 866-640-5038. 

    Praises from Our Business Clients

    Working with a company that has many years of experience translates to you having more options than you can imagine.

    Our Years of Experience Gives Our Clients a Depth of Solutions

    With almost twenty years of experience, we have become an “expert” if you will, when it comes to offering unique solution packages to our different business clients.  We can custom design technology and web conference solutions that are right for just about any business, and any budget. 

    New York and Newark is a very dynamic and competitive business ecosystem.  With almost 20 years of presence, we totally get how this place functions, what frequent interruptions this area deals with, and we KNOW how to prepare any business for the unknowns.  We are proud of Technology and Communications reliability solutions we offer to our New York City, New Jersey clients.  You will be too.