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Conference Services

Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing for your business

Conference Services

Increase your productivity by utilizing different conference services available at Quickconnect (QC).  Since 2001 we have been helping businesses connect globally with Audio conferencing, Web conferencing and Video conferencing options.  We offer numerous easy to use and cost-effective ways to host conference calls regardless of your groups size. We are a New Jersey based conference services company with a major presence in the New York, New Jersey region.  We also service clients throughout the United States.  Contact us and let’s see how we can be of help!

We offer highly versatile and flexible Conference options

Occasionally you may want to organize a large group audio conference call and need something substantially more professional than what those “freebies” out there offer.  Something that has no limitations on number of minutes, users, has ads and/or other catches.  We offer great audio conference options. 

Web conferencing combines audio communications with software based demonstrations that are controlled by you the conference leader.  You decide what your attendees see projected from your computer as you take them through important demonstrations, and more.

Conduct a meeting with numerous essential members through a sharp resolution video conferencing service.  You will have the ability to record your meeting and play it back if need be.  We offer numerous software platforms to help you with your video conference presentations, and great staff support when you need help.

Web Conference Experts

There are many options and features available for your business.  If you’re not sure what your company needs then its best to spend a few minutes with our web conference experts and help you come up with a plan.  Call us today at 1-866-640-5038

Since 2001 our company has been a key conference call services provider to the New York City, New Jersey region.  We started with feature rich conference call packages that accommodate both small and large businesses.  Call us today and find out why we have been a premier conference call services provider for two decades+ 1-866-640-5038