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Web Conferencing Solutions

Web conferencing combines audio communications with software based demonstrations that are controlled by you the conference leader. In a nutshell you have the power to decide what your attendees see projected from your computer as you take them through important demonstrations, online courses and so on.  Web conference collaboration combines seamlessly your audio conferencing with all the capabilities of the internet. 

Visually rich demonstrations are best done through this conferencing platform allowing you to show important visual assets, use cursor to point to certain spots on your screen and explain to your audience the relevance.  

Common Questions about Web Conference Solutions

  • What are the advantages of web and data collaboration?
    Collaborating on documents online can save your company both time and money. You no longer need to rack up postage costs mailing documents back and forth. You may discuss changes with participants at any time from anywhere.
  • What is web conferencing?
    Quickconnect’s IBM/WebDialogs allows participants to simultaneously view, comment, and edit documents and presentations online.
    IBM/WebDialogs is ideal for long-distance customer service training, sales and marketing presentations, and collaboration on documents.
  • What is WebStream?
    WebStream is an online audio streaming application that can be used for standard conference calls, high-profile events, distance learning classes, seminars, interviews and much more. WebStream lets you reach thousands of listeners at once for less than the cost of a standard conference call. WebStream is listen-only and reduces the risk of unscheduled interruptions and other distractions.
  • Can you train me how to use IBM/WebDialogs?
    Yes. Quickconnect gives customers a detailed Quick Reference Guide that provides easy to follow, step-by step visual instructions on using IBM/WebDialogs and its features. Click here to access the IBM/WebDialogs Quick Reference Guide.
  • Do I need any special software to use these services?
    No, IBM/WebDialogs is an internet based product that has minimal computer requirements.
  • How many people can collaborate at once?
    IBM/WebDialogs supports hundreds of people collaborating simultaneously.
  • Will IBM/WebDialogs work through a firewall?
    IBM/WebDialogs is firewall-friendly.
  • Does everyone work on the document at once?
    No. To maintain an ordered collaboration session, only one person may actually work on a document at a time. The host of the meeting has complete control over who can contribute.
  • Which applications can I share?
    You may share any application you have installed on your computer at anytime during the meeting.
  • Is there a quick way for me to solicit feedback from other participants?
    Yes. IBM/WebDialogs comes with an optional hand raising button that allows participants to vote on proposed changes or other important matters that arise during your meeting. You can also utilize IBM/WebDialogs’s chat feature or simply ask for feedback over your teleconferencing link.
  • Is operator assistance available?
    Yes. You can always reach a Quickconnect operator by dialing *0. For technical questions, you can request live help from within the IBM/WebDialogs program.
  • Can other collaborators download the finished product?
    IBM/WebDialogs collaborators can download, upload, and transfer files with ease, without leaving the online session.
  • Can I brand the presentation with my company’s look and feel?
    IBM/WebDialogs can easily be modified to reflect your company’s unique branding.
  • Does IBM/WebDialogs support video conferencing?
    Yes. All you need is a webcam video and internet connectivity.

Custom Packages for Any Needs

Web Conferencing offer a variety of bells and whistles for any web conference you want to run.

Audio Communication

All web conferencing is also tapped into audio communication either via your computer or independently on your phone.

Safe and Secure Data Streaming

Your presentation is for you and your audience only. Data is transferred securely to your designated audience only.

Backed by Our Support Team

We are always ready to help before, during or after your web presentation. You focus on the conference and we will focus on its delivery!

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Personable, attentive, very detail oriented are just a few words I can use to describe Gerry at QuickConnect.  She has been fantastic in preparing a plan for our telecom needs.  We now have a very reliable and secure conference system between our Clifton and Paterson offices. Thank You Gerry!
– Adam G. 


We are in the healthcare industry here in Clifton New Jersey and needed a solid, reliable and secure health information technology partner to help with telecom and IT needs.  QuickConnected did it all, even followed up to make sure we were satisfied with the service we got and to check and make sure we had no other questions!  Highly professional!
– Maya, IT