Quick Connect Elevates Security Solutions with Eagle Eye Networks Partnership

Managed IT Services Support

As a leading name in the IT, telecommunications and security solutions industry, we wanted to remind the New Jersey, New York businesses that we have a strong strategic partnership with Eagle Eye Networks, a trailblazer in revolutionizing the security & video surveillance industry. This collaboration opens new horizons for our current and new clients seeking […]

Top Tips for Storing Your Businesses Confidential Data

Confidential data is a valuable asset for any business, but it can be difficult to keep this data safe and secure.  Data breaches are becoming more common, and businesses can suffer huge losses as a result. In addition, confidential data can be used to steal identities or commit fraud. Here are some great tips to […]

Cloud Computing Services and What’s Next

The Next Set of Cloud Computing Trends It’s remarkable to see how much cloud computing has grown the past two years as white collar global labor force moved many of its operations out of business office complexes and into home offices.  Even though the outcome of the pandemic is still unknown, labor seems to have the […]

Intelligent Buildings Rely On Cabling Installation

There is a new buzz term when it comes to commercial space and you may have heard it, “Intelligent Buildings”. Sounds a little sci-fi though it’s accurate, and it’s a concept that actually works and pays off. Intelligent buildings are essentially large commercial spaces fully hardwired with a collection of hidden specialty cables and environmental sensors that help […]

Ransomware On the Rise

It’s sad to say that the new and fast growing threat within our country is ransomware.  There are more and more news headlines dealing with different companies who got hacked and lost the control of their own software  environment.  Let’s talk about what ransomware is and what can be done to protect your infrastructure. What […]

Current State of Telecom and Web Conference Technologies & Its Best Practices

The changes within our work environments that came in March were some of the most dramatic shifts in the teleconferencing and telecom industry that we have ever seen. Quickconnect, has a large number of business customers in the New York City, Newark and Jersey City area and it was astounding to see how quickly different […]

Key Technologies Every Small Business Must Have

Editors Note: This was one of our most popular articles in 2020 even though it was written way back in 2018.  Many of its points remain true even today.  Enjoy! Starting a business is difficult and quite capital intensive.  We realize that new businesses can’t afford all necessary technologies and services at once, so use […]