The Ultimate Guide to Selecting The Right Unified Communications Partner For Your Company

unified communications technologies used by an employee

If you’re a business owner then this guide will help you better understand what exactly Unified Communications services are, and what to look for when shopping around for this service. Why Selecting the Right UC Partner is Important Many organizations are not aware of the importance of selecting the right UC (unified communications) partner. They […]

Cloud Computing Services and What’s Next

The Next Set of Cloud Computing Trends It’s remarkable to see how much cloud computing has grown the past two years as white collar global labor force moved many of its operations out of business office complexes and into home offices.  Even though the outcome of the pandemic is still unknown, labor seems to have the […]

Web and Video Conference Trends So Far In 2020

Video Conferencing has changed dramatically this year due to the global pandemic of Covid-19.  Cities such as New York City and Newark have had dramatic business density shifts as huge groups of people abandoned their small city office spaces and started to work from apartments, homes, or even further away from the greater New York City […]

Current State of Telecom and Web Conference Technologies & Its Best Practices

The changes within our work environments that came in March were some of the most dramatic shifts in the teleconferencing and telecom industry that we have ever seen. Quickconnect, has a large number of business customers in the New York City, Newark and Jersey City area and it was astounding to see how quickly different […]

Telecommuting is Growing, and So is Productivity

We are in an era where telecommuting is proving to be a massive benefit both to the employee and the employer.  Not long ago, working from home may have been seen as something only for the best of the best, and even then there were limitations.  The landscape has changed dramatically over the past decades […]